Divi Digital documentation and FAQ

How to import the layout

To install a layout, you simply need to extract .json layout file from the .zip file you downloaded, than drag and drop the .json file into the visual builder.

Optionaly, you can also upload via the upload button:


How to edit header/footer

Please navigate to Divi > Theme builder. You can import a file called “DiviDigital-Theme-Builder-Templates.json” there, which you can then edit. Due to nature of the header, we suggest you use wireframe mode to edit menu items.

You can find Divi wireframe more here.

How to change animated gradient

It’s simple. Every section you want to have animated gradient, you need to do this:

1. set gradient colors to it

2. add  animated-gradient class to section class

Note that you need anmated-gradient code on your website. You can find it in Divi Digital Layout bottom section

Or you can simple paste it to Divi > theme options > Custom css.



How to get live typing effect

You get this by installing Divi Supreme plugin

How to properly use monthly / yearly switch

At the bottom of the layout you will find section with codes.

If you open CSS code for pricind table, you can set colors to the swithc there.

If you open JS code for pricing table , you will need to insert all the secion ID’s you want to remain visible while pressing the switch.  

You should replace these values with your own section ID’s.